Selection Criteria

This resource aims to offer a comprehensive digital version of the Shakespeare’s Globe performance archive from the opening season in 1997 up to April 2016 (the end of Dominic Dromgoole’s artistic directorship). We have included all relevant material during that time span where possible; any omissions are due to limitations set by copyright holders or material that contravened the Data Protection Act. 

A large range of additional material, mostly from the architectural archive, has also been included in order to offer some context to these performance records, and to provide information on the Globe as a unique cultural, historical and architectural experiment. Documents such as architectural plans, research bulletins, photographs and notebooks from the formative years of the Globe offer ample opportunities for researchers to explore the process of the Globe’s reconstruction. The selection of this additional material was guided in part by copyright and data protection restrictions, but also in discussion with our editorial board, whose advice was a great help in identifying key elements of the collection that would offer an important context to the main performance materials.